The Mozart Tavern has had several names through the years and was just formally known as The Hoist House Tavern. Through the Faith they had in me, Jeremy and Amanda Daeseleer turned the keys and beloved bar over to me at their Annual Halloween Party in 2017.. I take great pride in continuing their hard work to open our doors for locals and tourist to step back in time to see part of Goldfields history. The back bar and pool table are Brunswick Balke Collender dated between 1905 and 1920. Old Goldfield pictures hang on the walls to give people an idea of how big Goldfield was back in the days that Goldfield was known as the WORLD'S GREATEST GOLD CAMP. At one time, Goldfield NV became Nevada's largest city.

The Mozart Club was established in 1934 by Maurice Durand who were friends of heavy weight boxing champion Jack Dempsey, The Manassa Mauler.. Dempsey fought Johnny Sudenberg, who at the time was Goldfields Champ, according to The Mews Scimitar/May 20,1919..You may judge what the Goldfieldians thought of Jack Dempsey's work when they made Johnny Sudenberg a 10 to 1 favorite over over Dempsey. That fight was Called a Draw. Dempsey said years later of the Sudenberg fight, "It was one of the toughest he had ever had" The Dempsey fights were not Goldfields only claim to fame in the Boxing World. On Labor Day sept 3, 1906 in temperatures topped 100 degrees' Gildea wrote: "the sun beat down from a cloudless sky.

The air was so hot it seemed as if it could turn reality inside out and make wide-open space seem claustrophobic. You almost had to concentrate to breathe." the Gans "The Master" VS Nelson "Durable Dane" fight went 42. The 42-rounder in Goldfield would go down in boxing history not only as the longest fight in history but an early battle of the races- ironically, with the African-american coming out as a crowd favorite-but it was also the first major bout captured on film. President Teddy Roosevelt's son Kermit was ringside. Joe Gans took his winnings from the Goldfield fight and established the Goldfield Hotel in Baltimore'. Generations of boxers have been taught the moves that were first perfected by the "Old Master"

Goldfield Days

Things to do

Shops in town have walking tour books that give you historic places to check out. Make sure you stop by each and every one because there is so much information in Goldfield each shop has a different story.. The Goldfield Emporium,,,,, Barbaroosa & Bear,,,,, the Dinky Diner,,,,, Wild Inspirations featuring art decorated cars,,,,, Radio Goldfield KGFN 89.1 FM,,,,, Hidden Treasure Trading Co.,,,,, Gems of the Great Basin,,,,, tour the historic Goldfield Hotel, ,,,, the Goldfield High school,,,,, visit the International Car Forest of the Last Church,,,,,, walk the streets where Virgil Earp once served as Deputy Sheriff for Esmerald county,,,,,, take a picture beside the monument for the Gans/Nelson fight of 1906 at our Historic Court House that still serves as the County seat for Esmerald county,,,,,,, stop by the Visitor center to view many pictures and artifacts of goldfield Nv,,,,,. Travel to Mathenys Diamondfield Gulch where Ron Matheny has rebuilt an old mining town.,,,,,, Dont miss the Red Light Distract where Edie and Richard are restoring one of the many Brothels in Goldfield.,,,,,, See Tex Rickard, boxing promoter, founder of the new york Rangers of the National Hockey league, home on Hwy 95 in the heart of Goldfield,,,,,,,. find the history of a Goldfield deputy sheriff Who called himself "thomas Bliss" in 1907 and 1908 was uncovered as a former murderer and outlaw member of Butch Cassidys Wild Bunch gang actual named C.L. "Gunplay" Maxwell",,,,,,,. check out the Goldfield Telegraph office where Jim Casey had a corner office delievering telegrams and message during Goldfields heydays and see one of the oldest pictures in extant of Jim in front of the Telephone-Telegraph building on Ramsey Ave, Jim Casey later went on to be the founding father of UPS.,,,,,, Take a picture of the Columbia Mountain that stands out in the Goldfield Mining district. The Florence Gold Mine is not currently mined but instead maintained as a historical landmark. ,,,,,,, The Florence mine offers tours and was seen on the Fox Business hit show STRANGE INHERITANCE.,,,,,,

Famous Sheriffs of Goldfield


Thomas Bliss — alias "Gunplay Maxwell"

Maxwell drifted to Goldfield after the coal strike in Carbon County ended. In Goldfield, Gunplay became a deputy sheriff, using the alias of Thomas Bliss. During a 1907 murder trial, Gunplay served as a prosecution witness favorable to a mining company. His false testimony helped convict two men named Preston and Smith of killing a man whose business was boycotted by the mining union.


Virgil Earp

Virgil and Allie moved to Goldfield Nevada in 1904, He got a job as an enforcer - some called the position a special officer. Maybe it was a bouncer, really, at a local casino in town - the National Club.11 It kind of related to his prior law positions, if you want to stretch it. After all, he wasn't in the best shape of his life - with all of his injuries. It was a limited area to cover.